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Home of Chia Seeds

Welcome everyone if you intended to come here or just stumbled across us.

  At we are committed to getting the best quality healthy foods  at the most AFFORDABLE PRICE with prompt delivery and effective packaging.

We started with chia seeds and have now added a few more nutrition rich foods and powders.

We are researching a few others at the moment, if you have a favorite please e-mail us with suggestions.


We have tried to make this site easy to use if you have any problems please contact us.

Thank you.

Dark Chia seeds best Quality Non GM or manmade pesticides used in growing.

White Chia seeds Best Quality Non GM or Manmade pesticides used in growing.

Pure Wheat grass powder Top Quality

Pure Barley Grass Powder Top Quality

Pure Bees Pollen

Goji Berries

Pure Beetroot Powder

Pure Spinach Powder

Pure Green Tea Powder

Pure Bilberry Powder

Pure Spirulina Powder and Tablets

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